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Maintenance Matters

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Welcome to the October edition of Maintenance matters – a newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the rules and safety topics for your sector.  The consultation period on our proposed modular licensing structure is now closed. We look at what’s next. We have made things easier for maintenance organinsations to renew their certificates online. We provide you with an update on the progress made with the proposed maintenance rules for general aviation.  

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Industry feedback will help fine tune amendments to the MOS
How to interpret your LAME licence – Category C
Renew your Part 145 certificate faster online
General aviation maintenance rules – we are making progress
Safety Management Systems
Link your ARN to your organisation
Industry feedback will help fine tune amendments to the MOS. Thank you for taking the time to submit feedback on our proposed modular licensing structure.  It will help us make any final changes to the Part 66 Manual of Standards and the associated implementation arrangements.
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How to interpret your LAME licence – Category CY ou are now the holder of a Category C licence. This licence category can only be used for the issue of certificate of release of service (CRS) for large aircraft. As the holder of this Category C licence, you can issue a CRS following base maintenance on aircraft carried out by a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation. This privilege applies to the aircraft in its entirety. A Category C licence can be endorsed with specific aircraft type ratings.
 Read Part 2 (3.6) of AC 66-08
Renew your Part 145 certificate faster online. Did you know you can renew your Part 145 maintenance organisation certificate, without any changes, using myCASA instead of downloading and completing a manual form? We have moved renewals for more certificates into myCASA to make it easier for you to interact with us online. If you are an accountable manager and your individual ARN is linked to your organisation’s ARN, you will now see a Certificates section containing any certificates you are authorised to manage when you login into myCASA. You can renew these certificates online when they are due in just a few clicks. If you need to make any changes to your Part 145 certificate, you’ll need to complete and submit the traditional form.

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General aviation maintenance rules – we are making progressAs part of our General Aviation Workplan, we  committed to establish new Part 43 maintenance regulations specifically for general aviation. We’ve consulted extensively and have taken industry feedback, including feedback received through the Technical Working Group and Aviation Safety Advisory Panel on board.
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Safety Management SystemsSafety management is vital to keeping our skies safe. It involves managing your business activities and preventing accidents.
Need to set one up or just reinforce that you are doing the right thing?  We have the information you need on:what you should includehow to set it upwhat you need to educate your staff.
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 Link your ARN to your organisationHaving an organisational ARN means more than one person can interact with us on behalf of your company. Read more about organisational ARNs.

To link your individual ARN to your organisational ARN, login to myCASA, click Organisation Aviation Reference Number and follow the prompts. You will need to enter a code that is emailed to the organisation. You must be an accountable manager to interact with us on behalf of an organisation.

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And the answer is!In the September edition we asked which Part 66 licence can certify an avionics system requiring only a simple test to prove its serviceability?
While 66% of our readers told us the answer was a Category B1 licence holder, it was brought to our attention that our question may not have been clear enough for some. We acknowledge the question was a little ambiguous.
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Test your knowledge!
Which Part 66 licence do you need to hold to issue a CRS after base maintenance of large aircraft carried out by a Part 145 AMO? The correct answer will be published in the November edition.