Applying for an ASIC

Article supplied by AIDA

Apply for an ASIC is an easy straightforward process with Aviation ID Australia!

Before applying for Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), simply contact the airport/s you are likely to attend to check if you need an ASIC.

Applying online with us is simple, we will prompt you to upload documents and a current passport style photo. It’s best to have these documents on-hand before you start, but you can always email us later with any missing documents.  You can find a list of usable documents on our website: FAQs Everything you need to know about ASIC Cards (

You will also be asked to provide your ‘operational need’. If you’re a pilot, your pilot’s licence is perfect. Or, if you need an ASIC for your job, a letter from your employer. As you complete the online application, we provide pop-ups to help you, like how to take your own passport-style photograph.

Once we have processed your application, we will email you the details of where to complete your In-Person ID Check, including a list of the original documents you need to take with you. The In-Person ID Check only takes a few minutes.

When the background is completed by AusCheck and approval is received, we will print and post your ASIC providing you with tracking details. It’s that simple!

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