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Welcome to the September edition of the Pilot safety hub newsletter focusing on non-controlled aerodromes.In this edition:watch a close call brought to life in our first animated crash comicsee how the right-of-way rules worklearn how to avoid loss of control accidentsdiscover the benefits of ADS-Bexplore new resources from around the worldfind out about a proposed new medical for private pilots.And don’t miss next month’s newsletter, when we turn our attention to weather and forecasting.

Crash comic close call. Like your safety messages with a bit of colour and movement? Try our crash comic animation.

Crash comics are a popular part of our Flight Safety Australia magazine – taking your stories of near disaster and revealing the safety lessons in a new way.

Now, we’ve animated one of those comics. It’s a timely lesson on the importance of good radio call procedures.

Explaining the right-of-way rulesAre you sure you know the right-of-way rules of the air?Get a fresh refresher with our animated explanation – straight out of the Visual Flight Rules Guide or VFRG.WATCHLoss of control lessonsLoss of control is the most significant cause of serious accidents for sports and recreational pilots.Watch a 3-part video series from Recreational Aviation Australia exploring the primary causes, contributing factors and how to avoid these types of accidents.WATCHNew resources from around the worldListen and watch the latest additons to the international section of the pilot safety hub:US video examining a fatal crash in high-density altitude conditionsNew Zealand podcast about poor radio callsCanadian video series on winter flying.EXPLORE