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Aviation ID Australia strive to provide the most efficient service possible to our clients. And the process of applying for an ASIC has just become easier.

We are now proud to welcome you to our new online application.

To proceed simply click the image below.


The Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) regulations have changed. The processing of your application remains the same, the changes that affect you, the applicant, are:

From 1st August 2017 the applicant is required to provide additional identification information to us as your Issuing Body. You will also be required to attend a face to face meeting with one of our agents to collect your ASIC.


The following are the new documents required and some examples:

A. Start of your identity in Australia.

  • Full Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Australian Visa (NOTE: Australian visa applies to New Zealand citizens)
  • ImmiCard

B. Your identity linked by photo and signature. Must have the applicant's photo and signature. Must be current and valid.

  • Driver License
  • Passport

C. Evidence of your identitiy within the community.

  • Medicare Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Current ASIC

D. Your current residential address.

(only required if categories A, B or C do not include your residential address)

  • Utility bill
  • Rates notice


You will no longer receive your card by registered post.

You are required to attend a face to face meeting with one of our appointed agents to collect your ASIC. At this meeting you will be required to provide the ORIGINAL identification documents you used for your application eg Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence and Current ASIC.

You will also be required to show the operational need you provided with your application eg. Pilots Licence, letter from your employer etc.

In addition to the above you are required to return your expiring ASIC.

If the above conditions are not met your new ASIC will not be issued to you and you will have to return at a later date when you are able to meet the above requirements. The agent may charge an additional fee for the second appointment.

As an alternative to our online application please Contact Aviation ID Australia for a hardcopy application

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